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The 8 best meals to order on a first date

You are looking for a kiss? Forget the tripe and acordate of this note. We tell you what to eat in a romantic dinner.

Dining out on a first date is all play. You spend at least two hours with a person who does not know and, while trying to be liked, you should eat something. It is not easy. Then I spent 8 dishes that never fail in a romantic dinner. Wave dishes, light and easy to eat. ANote. If you do not finish the hugs, it is because you asked lentil stew.

1. Sushi
The typical Japanese food is a staple for romantic outings. fresh, minimally invasive and light flavors, allowing be shared. As a plus, the restaurants, from traditional to modern, often have their exotic wave, without necessarily rare. Unless you say many kid around, a combination of fresh fish with Chardonnay irremediably wet kiss.

2. It involves with green salad
In recent years it became involved cutting the top young parrillitas and cancheras. It is diametrically opposed strip roast: it has little fat, it is easy to eat and usually comes in portions to share. Accompanying a good green salad. Eye: I ask only one grilled confidence. Some do not know prepare and get something chewy. In that case, go sending him a text message to your friends to see if they come together after midnight.

3. Pizza salmon and arugula
No need to spend a fortune for a dinner on the first date. The pizza is always an economic output. The important thing is that the mass is finite. If the pizza is grilled, it's a good move. If you ask one of salmon and arugula, you have a safe goal. And if, you accompany it with a bottle of champagne, liquidated party.

4. Ceviche
Cool, trendy and poussin. Ceviche is the dish of the moment, not only star of Peruvian restaurants, but as in all modern restos. Based on whitefish, red onion, lime and cilantro, it is ideal for sharing as a starter, accompanied by pisco sour or a salteño Torrontés. Whets the appetite without filling and brings up the subject of Peruvian cuisine. If the night does not end in a housing hotel it is because something went wrong, but not just the food.

5. Braised Lamb
When eating meat, a steak sausage butterfly can be very rich, but we agree that there is little chic. Quite the opposite occurs with the lamb, meat marinate fashion often with mint and then served with braised sauce ... Tasty, original and fashionable. Denotes gourmet knowledge and good taste. Poroto for you.

6. Grilled Red Tuna
It not usually appears on all restaurant menus and, if encontras will surely be the most expensive dish, but trust us: worth. The bluefin tuna loin cooked just back and forth is served and, in most cases, seed breading and served with something light, like a chestnut puree or salad sprouts. For those who do not know it's something like beef tenderloin, but fish. Infers refinement, good taste and a cosmopolitan air that few dishes fail.

7. Penné rigatti Mediterranean
Italian food always garpa, but eye. Do not even ask about vegetable ravioli with tomato sauce. That's what the family dinners. In a romantic date dough you have to go through a short pasta (little thin suctioning is a spaghetti), with a sauce that is not too heavy (avoid cream and four cheeses). The rigatti penne sauteed with vegetables and cherry tomatoes are a wild card that always meets. Of course, after eating goes through the bathroom to look in the mirror, not going to be something that you have been a basil leaf between his teeth.

8. braised duck
Nothing rotisserie chicken with fries, that there perdés as in war. Search French distincién the touch of sophistication to tell the other world and that you have good taste. And the braised duck, present in the cards played down the gourmet, it is what you need. Exotic meat sauce with good taste and not very abundant, will give the kickoff for a talk about that trip to Europe you did in convertibles, or how much time you want to go. With this and a red light you have mounted the scenery which leads to success.
What is your favorite dish for a first date?

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