domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016


                   Food and seduction

Thus, love and gastronomy joined in an event in which several people were trying to meet new people and find the person looking for the most original and 'delicious'.
The place chosen for this experience has been the Austria Salzburg in the Puerta del Sol. An appointment, at least, succulent, in which more than ten guests singles spent as much fun as tasty while, since attendees also enjoyed the talk keys seduction in 7 minutes taught by Beatriz Ortega, coach psychologist and expert in seduction.
Food and seduction

During the event the results of the study by Meetic among its Spanish users Gastronomy and dating when seducing and dating, which revealed data such as these were presented:
66% of users of Meetic Spanish have never seduced them through food. Of course, they all say they would love to do it.
The first appointment Your place or mine? Because in neither. 70% of respondents confirmed that the first meeting is always better eating out and also if it is 'pecking' with all the food in the center much better. This is corroborated 4 out of 10 respondents.
very sweet one fact: the intention is what counts. Although often doubted if this saying is true or not, in the case of food and love it is certain. 59% do not care about your partner know not cook, as long as they show interest in doing so and strive to learn.
Among respondents, 3 in 10 say they have never experienced mix food and sex with your partner but recognize that if they would like to try and discover new sensations.

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