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The countries with the healthiest food

      The countries with the healthiest food

Countries differ in many variables and all the time there are international agencies investigating what is the best place to live. Of course, that depends on your priorities.
For some it is more important to health, for other safety, education, climate, etc. In this case, I want to tell you about the healthiest countries to eat Let's see what they are and why!
The result of the investigation

The Netherlands ranked first in the list takes due to the great food and nutritional diversity that have, in addition to prices and low levels of disease. The order of the top 10 is as follows:
The Netherlands

Something not so strange, considering the typical American foods, is that the US It does not appear even in the top 20.
Although it is noted that the first prize takes accessibility to food. At the other end is Angola, the country where it is more difficult to reach a meal.
If you are looking for quality, the best country to enjoy a good dish is Iceland.
What happens at the other end?

The worst place to eat healthfully is Chad. Food is expensive, not at all hygienic and of little nutritional value. Its menu is based on cereals, roots and tubers poor in nutrients, which also happens in Angola and Ethiopia.
Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems. Burundi, Yemen, India and Madagascar are countries that find most committed and at risk regarding this issue.
Not everything is rosy for the top of the list

The top-ranked countries have a small problem and do not score high on all variables. For example, in the Netherlands 1 in 5 people is above the body mass index considered healthy (18 to 25), more than 30.
If we talk about obesity, Australia (one of the countries in the top 20) has the highest level of obesity in the population (27%), which draws attention because scores very well in the rest of the criteria.
Despite being lower on the list, Bangladesh, Nepal and Ethiopia are countries with lower levels of obesity.

Nothing is done with a lot of data and numbers in a report. After the diagnosis must come action. For this reason, researchers conducted a list of issues to address the problems.
Among these is the development of small-scale agriculture, the fight against climate change and increased regulation on food speculation to avoid price increases.
How it came to this classification?

The ranking is based on research conducted by Oxfam with more than 125 countries including food availability, affordability, quality and rate of food-related diseases was measured.
To do this, they took as reference data from previous studies conducted by international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Organization for Food and Agriculture, and the International Labour Organization.
How do you think you rate your country? Do you think you live in a place where healthy eating is an affordable option? Share your opinion in the comments and help to improve the debate on such an important issue as global food good.

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