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What is the best time to work, eat, sleep or make love, according to your age?

They often comment that children and the elderly have trouble waking up much less soon. Why? According to Dr. Paul Kelley, University of Oxford, because the rhythms that govern the biological clock vary throughout life, so that the best time to wake up, eat, work and even have sex varies throughout life. This would be the recommended schedule according to this expert:
At 20
09.30 Time to wake: at 20, the orexin hormone wakefulness, does not annul melatonin, sleep until midmorning.
Drinking coffee 10.00: the reason that many young people do not eat breakfast in the morning is simply because that's when they are not hungry. Until about two hours after waking are under what is called "sleep inertia."
12.00 Start of the working day: at this age the brain begins to be really productive at noon.
15.00 Good time to have sex: at 20, you can experience desire at any time, but the libido is at its peak in mid-afternoon.
15.30 Food: having started the day so late, you will not need food until this hour.
17.00 Physical activity: the yield is higher between 15 and 18.00.
20.00 End of Work: The peak concentration occurs in the afternoon.
20.30 Good time to watch TV, use consoles, read ... The brain is still on alert after the workday.
21.30 Dinner. To provide an energy boost for the remainder of the night.
22.00 Study: the creativity of young people is accentuated overnight.
00.00 Time off: time off tablets, computers and ignore the phone because the light keeps us alert. The ideal is to 'disconnect' at least one hour before going to bed.
01.00 Bedtime.
At 30
08.10 Time to wake: "There is a big change between 20 and 30," says the specialist. The biological clock causes the body to start earlier.
0820 Sex: ideal for sex since the sunlight increases testosterone in both sexes through the stimulation of the hypothalamus (the brain area responsible for hormones) time.
08.40 Breakfast. Best evitasr sugary or starchy foods.
10.40 Start of the workday.
14.10 Lunch. Better be rich in protein. If food is much delayed, the body will use glucose reserves in the body and that causes irritation.
15.40 Siesta. Good time to re-energize with a break of 20 minutes.
18.40 Closing of the workday.
Exercise 19.00. At this stage of life, the muscles still work better at the end of the day.
Socialize 19.45. "Early evening is when your mood improves."
20.10 Dinner. For thirtysomething, ideally eat about an hour and a half after finishing work. If you drink alcohol, it's time for a drink.
22.00El time to watch TV and use electronic devices.
Sleeping 23.00. Going to bed at that time promotes restful sleep.
At 40
07.50 Time to wake: wake cycle will "win" the sleep cycle much earlier.
08.20 Breakfast. Best high in fiber.
08.45 Walk: to promote good circulation.
10.20 Work: spent enough time for sleep inertia time is gone.
Drinking coffee 10.45: a shock caffeine can help at this time.
13.50 Lunch. At this time it helps counteract the slump energy produced midafternoon.
Housework 15.30.
18.20 Closing of the workday.
19.50 Dinner: this gives the body time to digest the food before bedtime.
2220 Sex. "This can increase relaxation by releasing oxytocin, which promotes rest," the researcher.
Sleeping 23.30. Going to bed before midnight maximizes the rest.
At 50
07.00 Time to wake up. The time spent under a deep sleep decreases.
07.30 Breakfast. The metabolism slows about 5% per decade.
Working 09.30. Alertness and concentration are at their peak.
13.00 A large meal is better now than later.
14.00 Siesta. To combat fatigue.
17.30 Closing of the workday. At 50 you can start experiencing failures in concentration or some oversights.
19.00 Dinner. At this age, regular meals are crucial to maintaining low cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular problems.
2130 Turn off the TV and electronic devices: Limit screen time to an hour to avoid exacerbating the early stages of arthritis.
22.00 intercourse. With so much morning activity, better this time.
Sleeping 22.30.
At 60
06.30Levantarse: "The body is well aware of the beneficial effects of sunlight, so naturally wake up early, like when I was a kid," says Kelley.
07.00 Breakfast.
Exercise 08.00. Yoga or pilates outdoors are good activities.
Working 09.00.
Drinking coffee 10.00.
12.30 Lunch.
Housework 13.30. It is the best.
14.00 Siesta. Kelley recommends do it only if you are tired.
17.00 Closing of the workday.
18.30 Dinner: an early dinner minimizes the risk of heartburn and indigestion.
20.00 Sex: Passed a sufficient time from dinner and is a good time for the body is flooded with oxytocin.
Turn off electronic 21.00.
21.30 Read. Mental stimulation before bedtime helps the brain.
Sleeping 22.00.
At 70
06.00 Time to wake up. Biological processes naturally begin earlier.
06.30 Breakfast.
Exercise 07.30. A brisk walk early is important for muscles come into heat.
0830 Work: If you have to perform some administrative task, do it now.
10.00 Appetizer: the body uses energy reserves faster, so it is good to replace them soon.
11.00 Read.
12.00 Lunch. The last coffee of the day should be at this time.
14.30 Siesta. A 20-minute break favors even a better night's sleep. Do not worry, sleep at night.
16.00 No more work for today.
17.00 Another walk.
18.00 Dinner. It gives the body time to properly digest.
19.00 Verla TV. Disconnect at least one hour before going to bed.
20.00Relaciones sex.
21.30 Sleeping: at this age, sleep is shallow and may wake up several times at night. Better go to bed early

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