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Advantages of buying life insurance for family

Define an amount of capital in order to protect your family against the economic loss that means death, disability, serious illness or accident; depending on the insurance contracted.

Protection of the patrimony since the taxes of succession represent an important amount that can affect the patrimony.The insured value increases annually with IPC.Tax advantages, because the insured capital that is received in case of the occurrence of the loss is not affected by tax discounts.
The insured capital is unattachable.Life insurance can have additional savings coverage to make your future plans come true.

The amount corresponds to your ability to pay and must be consistent with your income.
The insurance can be paid by depositing in cash or by credit card, automatic debit from the savings or current account of the policyholder and can be paid annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly.

Semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments have the surcharge for premium fractionation.

The insurance premium must be paid upon delivery of the policy to start its coverage.

For the payment of premiums or subsequent installments, Global Seguros offers a grace period of one month, counted from the effective date of the invoiced period.

If the premiums or installments of subsequent premiums are not paid before the expiration of the grace period, it will produce the automatic termination of the contract and Global Seguros will be free of all liability for claims that occurred after the expiration of that period.

from the moment the company accepts the insurance risk, and issues the corresponding payment coupon.

Who is the beneficiary of life insurance?

It is the natural person or persons designated by the insured to receive the payment of the insurance in case of occurrence of the event or loss. Only in the case of insurance with an onerous nature may the policyholder designate a legal person.

Can I change my beneficiaries as many times as I want?
Yes, you must send an authenticated letter indicating new beneficiaries, percentage and kinship. Remember that insurable interest must exist, that is to say, that there is a dependency relationship between the policyholder and the beneficiary of life insurance). The policyholder or contracting party can change, add or delete beneficiaries; while your policy is current.
In case of having suffered an illness, can I take life insurance?

You must declare the illnesses that you have suffered, and the company, based on a health declaration that the client must complete, can insure it by charging a premium (premium) or a surcharge (extra-premium) or insuring it with the normal premium for not to consider that it merits a surcharge for the declared illnesses.
Over time, the value of the insurance is diminished?
Our Global Guaranteed Protection insurance has a growth each year of the IPC, so the insured value does not lose value over time.
At what time can I make changes in the insured value, coverage, savings amount or beneficiaries?
During the term of the policy, the policyholder may request in writing the modifications to his policy, which will be valid as of the next annuity of the policy.
Once the application has been studied and accepted, Global Seguros will issue an approval annex of the corresponding amendment.
What should I do if I have to claim a claim to the insurer?

Global Seguros de Vida must be given written notice of the occurrence of the event (death, disability, accident, or serious illness covered, etc.). In accordance with the coverage on which it is being claimed, the necessary documents for its study and / or payment of the claim will be indicated.
What happens if I die abroad?

Life insurance covers once the company accepts the risk and issues the policy without restricting the place of death of the insured.
How to declare the indemnities of life insurance?

The compensations received by a person entitled to life insurance are exempt from the income tax and occasional gain according to article 223 of the tax statute. Additionally, they are exempt from withholding tax.

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